The Characters

“Tell me, who are you?
‘Cause I really wanna know”

— Who Are You, written by Pete Townshend and recorded by The Who

This is the story of Keith, Cecilia and Lucy, and their house in Staunton, Gloucestershire. And why they want to knock it down, even though it’s perfectly live‑inable.

Well, perhaps not “perfectly”, but we’ll come to that.

So Cecilia: Swedish, horse-loving, ethologist-turned-businesswoman, mother of Lucy: bilingual, horse-loving, Minecraft fanatic daughter of Keith, horse-tolerant Linux fan, gliding instructor and businessman.

Here we all are: hopefully you can work out who’s who.

Here's one of our holiday photos. We have millions more...

Here’s one of our holiday photos. We have millions more.

Stick around and we’ll tell you how we ended up in this bungalow, what we like and don’t like about it, and what we’re doing about it.

Why Should You Care?

“Should” may be a bit strong, but the decision to knock down and rebuild a house hides a much longer story. It may be interesting to others considering doing the same, and I’m sure there will be highs and lows along the way. Come along for the ride (or just look at the pictures).

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